100g Black Mud Deep Cleansing Blackhead Remover Purifying Peel Face Mask

$ 5.60

100g Black Mud Deep Cleansing  Blackhead Remover Purifying Peel Face Mask


  • Ingredients: activated carbon (bamboo charcoal), oat extract, grapefruit, vitamin B5,rosemary extract, calendula extract, vitamin A, vitamin E, citrus peel extract.

  • Dry the cleansed area and appy the masque on desired area(avoid eybrow,eyes,and lips).Peel it off after 20-30 minutes.To achieve better results,apply toner so as to tighten and cleanse the pores thoroughly.

Fit for people:

  • Due in part because skin caused by acne, acne

  • Oily skin strawberry nose

  • Nose large pores blackheads

  • Long-term use of the computer, watching television


  • 1 x Black Mud Deep Cleansing Purifying Peel Off Facail Face Mask